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Sailor Jerry Clothing Collaborations: Iggy Pop & Paul Simonon

In the beginning there was Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, father of the old-school Americana tattoo.

Then a clothing company was created to protect and sustain his legacy.

And it was good.

In 2014, we brought in Iggy Pop as our Flash Collection collaborator.

And it was damn good.“ Flash” is the term for tattoo designs set on paper. Clientele use it to choose tattoos. Artists use it to reproduce those tattoos. It’s how Sailor Jerry’s legacy is preserved.

The flash legacy of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins is a landscape of skulls, pin-ups, spirit animals, knives, brass knuckles, timeless ships and unshakeable anchors. A place where beauty rubs up against death and bravado conquers fear. Where you take everything seriously and nothing seriously.

It’s about finding your own way forward in the morass of this world — and having a good time doing it.

Or as Iggy Pop puts it,

“If I have to die here, first i’m gonna make
some noise.”

Iggy Pop and Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry Clothing is proud to announce our 2014 Flash Collection, designed in collaboration with one of our favorite artists of all time, Iggy freaking Pop. Yeah, that Iggy Pop, the one who helped define punk and continues to set an example for how to live your own life your own way – even when you're a rock icon.

The Flash Collection is a collaboration between Sailor Jerry and a likeminded creative spirit on a limited collection of clothing. This year, Iggy has designed 3 items for us – a premium denim vest, a hand-tooled leather belt with brass buckle and embroidered Sailor Jerry flash patches.

All available here for purchase and also stocked at the following retailers for a limited time:

New York
By Robert James

Lower East Side
74 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 253-2121

193 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 529-6392

Arch 3 / Fieldworks
274 Richmond Road
Hackney, London E8 3QW
+44 (0)7963 747389

Iggy Pop Sailor Jerry


Paul Simonon Sailor Jerry

Our first Flash Collection was designed by international artist, style icon and musician Paul Simonon, who combined Norman Collins’ iconic flash artwork with his own signature design style to create four limited edition pieces – a leather jacket, two t-shirts and a bandana.